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Application/Registration No.

Name of Innovation/Technology/Product/Varie ty

Name the Scientist Developed Technology

Date of Filing Registration

Application Granted/Registered*

Patent s

Patent No.193331 (457/DEL/01) 16.02.2006

A method for preparing a mushroom growth agent.

Dr. O.P. Ahlawat


Granted 2006

IPA Application  No. 925/DEL/2015 Patent no. 324415

Technology for early fruiting  in Shiitake

Dr. V.P. Sharma, Dr Satish Kumar & Dr.Manjit Singh


Granted 4/11/2019

IPA No.  201911040569

Technique to prevent autolysis basidiocarps of Volveriella volvacea  (paddy straw mushroom) after their harvesting

Dr .Anil Kumar & Dr. V.P. Sharma 


In process



Last Update : Thursday, May 28, 2020